Monday, November 19, 2007

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

We're leaving today, the kids and I, to go to my parents house for the whole week. I know my mom can't wait. She misses seeing the kids all the time. I can't wait either. After having living within 5 minutes of my parents my whole life, except when I was at BYU, it's hard having them live 2hrs away. We do still get to see them pretty frequently considering. I'm taking my sweet potato souffle and 3 bean asian salad recipes with me! My cousin, Kelley & her family will be at the beach all week too and will be joining us for dinner Thursday. They have 4 kids as well who are very close friends w/my kids. They used to live next door to us when we moved into the house we are living now. In fact my cousin grew up in the house next to us, she bought it from her dad. But they moved an hour north of us 3yrs ago and we miss seeing them so much! My two uncles (dad's brothers), aunt, and hopefully some other cousins will be coming too. It's been harder the last couple years to get us all together. We've lived so close to each other for so long and that has changed the last couple of years.

Brian has to work thru Wednesday. He's going to his parents Wednesday night and cooking them a Thanksgiving dinner. Then he'll join us Thursday morning. He took Friday off...the first time he's ever been able to manage that, so will be able to stay with us thru the weekend. Hooray!

I'm taking Brian's good camera from work with us and hopefully we can get some good family shots on the beach for our Christmas cards this year.

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