Thursday, November 1, 2007

My trick-or-treaters

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Here are my trick-or-treaters.

halloween 2007 006
This is Jack (Darth Vader) in the school parade

halloween 2007 005
Jack's friend Elena

halloween 2007 022
Jack & Spencer (Yughio) on front porch. We had strobe lights on, black lights up top and spiders in the webbing. A lot of the kids trick-or-treating loved it!

halloween 2007 019
Corinne trying to look "Emo". Chris gave her a hard time cause he hates that look. At least she doesn't look like that everyday though like some of her classmates!

I didn't get a picture of Chris, but he went trick-or-treating too. He wore Jack's "Thing" mask.

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Steve and Camilla said...

fun halloween pictures! goth always scares me a little bit. i had a kid come to my door and say he was a condom and his poofy black hair on his head was his pubes!!! i told him he was so gross i wouldn't give him candy. he didn't like that. can you believe it?! yucko!