Wednesday, November 21, 2007

saw Santa

I took the boys and met my cousin Kelley and her family (she had Corinne with her) at the Winterfest lights in Ocean City tonight. Check out the website, it shows all the beautiful light exhibits they have up. You ride on the boardwalk tram around the park to see all the lights.

They had Santa there as well, so I got a pic of the four kids with him. It would have been nice if Corinne had not been a pain and went and made a silly face. grrrrrr

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut--all 12 of us, quite the mad house in an otherwise desolate resteraunt...haha.

So we have most of our Thanksgiving meal finished cooking. Tomorrow we'll just have to heat up and then put together a few of the dishes that couldn't be made ahead. I just talked to Brian. I'm missing him a lot! He's going in to work to do my cleaning and then heading over here--I can't wait to see him!!!!!


pics i took of the kids w/santa:
corinne & ritters 048
the boys telling santa what's on their wish list.
Jack wants a telescope and Spencer wants a shellshocker.
corinne & ritters 047
Corinne smiled pretty good for this one, but Chris wasn't ready yet.

corinne & ritters 046
Here are my cousin Kelley's kids...
Sarah, Ben, Alex and Lauren

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