Tuesday, December 11, 2007

decorating the Christmas tree

We finally got our tree up! I had the flu for over a week and some of the residual is lingering. I'm still coughing up a storm...I think I had pneumonia too. The boys also got it and Spencer is still down although is starting to get better. He's able to hold some food down.

Anyway--this is the 1st real tree we've had since Chris was born 15 yrs ago. In fact the one and only time Brian and I have had a real tree was our first Christmas together. It's the perfect size...not too big and nice and full. I just love it.


The Lowes said...

I LOOOVE the smell of real trees!!! They always make me itch when i decorate them though...hehe
sorry u and the fam were sick, i was wonderin where you went and i was worried about u!!

The Lowes said...

I like the card design you made!! perfect!