Saturday, January 19, 2008

Me and Pop

My Pop (my dad's dad) died when I was 12 yrs old. It devistated me. I remember walking out of middle school getting ready to walk home like usual, but my mom and aunt where there. I knew something was wrong because my mom worked and I was always home by myself after school until my dad came home about an hour later. My mom and aunt told me and my cousin that Pop had died. He was only 63 yrs old and had a heart attack. I cried so hard right there on the school grounds that my nose started bleeding profusely. In fact the principal came over to see what was wrong, thinking someone had punched me in the nose! haha. I haven't cried over him in years. My mom has been super busy the past couple months scanning slides into her computer. She's has taken hers, and my two uncles from the years of approximately 1967-1977 and now has all of them as jpg.'s and slideshows on DVD's and given us each copies. What a wonderful blessing to have.

I saw this picture and just cried and cried and cried. I haven't cried that hard in a long time and have not cried about Pop in years. I now have this picture as my background pic on my computer.

Pop was a man larger than life. He had a very gruff voice and very strong presence. But, like a lot of big gruff men, they are teddy bears inside. I was his blue-eyed angel. That's what he called me. I was the only one with blue-eyes (and red hair for that matter) in our family. He always made me feel so special. He always had a compliment for me. He told me I was smart even though I was usually not...haha. I went over to my grandparents each day before and after elementary school because both of my parents worked. In the afternoons I would do my homework at their dining room table and he loved just being there watching me. When I was smaller I would love falling asleep on his big belly. Was very close and loving in a physical manner....climbing on his lap, giving him kisses and hugs.

It's been nice going down memory lane with him and remembering what a great man I had in my life. I miss him......

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The Lowes said...

kim that reminds me SO much of my pawpaw. My mom's dad died when I was about 19 or 20 and I was devastated. He was just the same way, big and gruff and acted too tough, but he was so sweet. He would call me baby girl and always made me feel like I was his favorite, but I'm sure all of us grandkids were. i loved him so much and he died very unexpectedly because of a heart attack when he was about 64. Very similar stories, maybe those two big guys are hangin out in the spirit world together...who knows!!