Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thanks Di and Deb!!!!

The earrings I won from last months contest on arrived the other day and I've been wearing them ever since! For dangling earrings they are so pretty and delicate. Very nice for me because one of my ears got pulled years ago and dangling earrings usually don't hang right in that ear, but these looks great. I really love the periwinkle crystal at the top of the chain...kind of hard to tell in this pic. But that is my favorite color!

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The Lowes said...

Oh my much stuff, where have I been?? So u did the tubal, whoa...that makes me nervous. I'm such a freak about having kids, I worry SO MUCH that I won't know when I should stop or have more. It stresses me out when it really shouldn't.

Love the earrings, those are totally cute!! I'm not a dangly person, but they look great on you.

So big changes...I'm coming with the kids in August to stay until the end of the year. I'm too depressed here especially now with the baby and post partum blues. I've been having a TERRIBLE time with it and my doc wants me on meds. The thing is, I know if I move, it will solve the majority of my depression. SOOOO, I'm coming!!!! :)