Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Having fun with stars

We took our family to Washington DC last weekend and one of our stops was the WWII memorial. This wall has stars on it and each star represents a certain number of American soldiers who died in that war. I think maybe each one represents 100? I can't remember, but there were over 400,000 who died. This is a picture of the whole wall of starts.

stars at WWII memorial

and this is a close-up of a section of stars (unedited) I thought would be cool for a background & to play around with.

stars unedited

edited the exposure here.stars edited exposure

edited the color saturation.stars color saturation

did an invert edit.stars invert

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Camilla said...

Very cool posts. Its so sad to think of all the people that have died in wars. Can't we all just get along?