Friday, January 9, 2009

Summer Hail Storm...(follow up to foto-friday~cold)

Foto-Friday's theme this week is cold and I posted a photo of the hail that had accumulated from this fluke summer storm at my parents house last year. As I said, it only stormed for about 3 minutes and there was a ton of hail! In these pictures you may have a better idea of how hard it was coming down. Got some fun ones of the kids in it too.

beach 08 030beach 08 036beach 08 033

Corinne decided she was a little cold..haha

beach 08 035

back yard--coming down so hard and accumulating in little gully.

beach 08 041

poor sunflowers...

beach 08 042

After taking this pic we noticed there was a little wormy on the flower, so mom put them outside. they got demolished in the storm. at least i got some good pics of them while they were still in the house!

beach 08 009

After the 3 minutes storm was over they kids ventured out to see how much there was

beach 08 044

Posers--notice the boys are shirtless. They seem to always be shirtless!!!

beach 08 043

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