Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's up???

It's been quiet around here (blogland) since right before Christmas. Many of us have been busy with families, Christmas, the new year and trying to get back in the swing of things...and of course Tint without power for weeks now!!! It seems the only thing i've been able to keep up with is Picture Perfect each week, but even that has been a struggle that I've been pushing myself to do. I haven't done Friday Five at all--sorry FF friends!


Anyway--I guess I'll do the list thing to try and get caught up here... (love how my friend jess does her random list on blogger at least once a week)

1. Brian's had off since Friday. Today's his last day off and so far he hasn't gotten anything done on his to do list! ha. that's partially my fault. i've been keeping him busy having fun. i love having my hubby home!!!!!

2. We were supposed to go to Ohio last weekend for my cousin Eli's wedding. Man--bad timing on our car being freakish. Brian went Friday night to drop our dog off at his parents house for them to watch him while we were gone, and when he got back in the car it wouldn't start. he was out until midnight in sub-freezing weather working on it and then again in the luck. got it towed Saturday and found out the security system was shorting out and was acting like someone was breaking in to the car and wouldn't let it start. So we pulled the system out....but by that time it was too late to drive 8 hrs to the wedding. BIG BUMMER!!!!!

3. THE RAVENS LOST!!!! And of course it's to the Steelers, but my cousin Heather has been good enough not to rub it in....yet!

4. Yesterday we kept the kids home from school so we could watch the Inauguration as a family. They were going to be watching it in school anyway. Chris's 2 best friends came over too. Corinne of course was on myspace and facebook and aim while watching it...but hey, she was with us watching it so we were happy!! lol

5. I lost 10 pounds before the wedding we were supposed to go to, but it's starting to come back on again (just a little). :( I hate winter!!!! I much prefer to be outside doing stuff to get my exercise and I'm not like my brother-in-law Kevin who will run in sub-freezing temps. He was complaining of not being able to feel his face last week. I should see if underarmour makes ski masks and get him one. hehe

6. I'm reading "My Father My President" by Doro Bush. Very interesting and fun read! He was such a quiet president. It's a great look behind the scenes of all his really did and what a strong character he has. Even though I was getting tired of Bush 43, I have great respect for him and his family too. They are a very loving, giving family. And Barbara (Bush 41's wife...not the twin grand daughter) is a hoot!

7. Brian and I are still spending a lot of time at our favorite restaurant, Sakura. Not even just Friday nights anymore. We went there last Sunday to watch the first half of the Raven's game, and went there last night after we went grocery shopping just cuz we were hungry! They treat us so well there and give us so much more food than we order. We happened to see some friends from church last night--the Uder's! They were out celebrating their 14th anniversary. They got the grill then came over and chatted with us at the sushi bar before leaving. We ended up chatting for an hour!!!! hahaha. We should spend more fun time with them.

8. I'm listening to my hubby snoring right now....I must have wore him out.

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Camilla said...

Its so fun to have our hubbies home, I'm glad you got to wear yours out! Sorry you missed your trip for the wedding but congrats on the weight loss.