Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back To School!!!


...and how i felt this morning after Chris & Jack FINALLY went back to school after a week and a half off for snow!!! It's been so frustrating because I can't get near as much done with Spencer and Corinne's home schooling when the other's are off. I try to at least get them to do some work though. We got a lot done today and it's nice to be back into routine.

I went to the library with Spencer in the morning. He picked up a Magic Tree House book, a book on Karate (yes I've been wanting to sign him up for this for a while now since he's been asking) and a book on Canada. I thought it would be nice for the young one's to read a little about the country where the Olympics are being played!

I also picked up these 3 books for me.

Already read the homeschool one....LOTS of great ideas. I'm really excited.

This photography one will be used as a text book for Corinne's class.

And this one is so I can understand Spencer more and maybe find better ways to cope and help him. It's very interesting so far. He has not officially been diagnosed (by a doctor), but after reading things online I figured that's what he is, and now reading this book....he definitely is.

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