Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jessica Lowe's Vlog - HunDuddle

I met Jessica 7 years ago on a little LDS group of ladies, most of us young mothers, on OPRAH'S website. Since then Oprah's site has changed and we are no longer there. But through blogs and facebook most of us still are involved in each other's lives. 5 yrs ago Jessica (who is from Rockwall Texas, but currently living in Jacksonville, NC with her Marine husband & 5 kids) she came to visit me...back when she only had 2 kids! Her hubby, Austin was down in Virginia for boot camp and she spent a few days with us. She is super cute and funny and her blog is always entertaining.

Her new endeavor is starting a Vlog. She has done video's on her blog in the past so I'm sure this will be a blast!! Looking forward to it Jessica. She is wanting all her friends to pass the word and get as many ppl to follow her. She likes attention. ;)

This HunDuddle Hussy button links you to her Vlog

Her Vlog is currently set to private while under construction and will be up and running on Monday!!!

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HunDuddle Hussy said...

ur such a lovely dear. sooooo glad we've met and become friends over the years. it makes me sad that i was a loser and never made time to visit you when i was in town :(