Sunday, March 28, 2010

Starlight~Slash ft. Myles Kennedy

Ok, so I may be getting Slash's new CD (self-entitled Slash) just because of this song. :) But in all sincerity I'm excited to hear all the songs. It looks like an awesome playlist!!!
of course Myles Kennedy is lead singer of my favorite band, Alter Bridge
I'm loving this rock ballad. Myles's 3 octave range is beautiful as always.

Full Album Track List -
01. Ghost (Ian Astbury, feat. Izzy Stradlin) (3:34)
02. Crucify The Dead (Ozzy Osbourne) (4:04)
03. Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie) (4:35)
04. Promise (Chris Cornell) (4:41)
05. By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale) (4:50)
06. Gotten (Adam Levine) (5:05)
07. Doctor Alibi (Lemmy) (3:07)
08. Watch This Dave (Dave Grohl, Duff McKagan) (3:46)
09. I Hold On (Kid Rock) (4:10)
10. Nothing To Say (M. Shadows) (5:27)
11. Starlight (Myles Kennedy) (5:35)
12. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca) (3:28)
13. We're All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop) (4:30)

Bonus tracks
14. Baby Can't Drive (Alice Cooper, Nicole Scherzinger)
15. Paradise City (Fergie, Cypress Hill)

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