Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mommy time

Well, with the weather finally nice, spring break (all last week plus this Monday), going to my parents for Easter, and being busy with my new calling.....I've not found time to blog!

I was very happy I got to spend the 3rd weekend in a row w/my mommy! 3 weeks ago we went down together for my cousin Gabe's wedding in Topsail Island, North Carolina. Last weekend she came here for Jack's baptism and we spent a nice long relaxing weekend at her house for Easter.

When I say relaxing I really mean it. We didn't really cook that much either. We didn't have a lot of family over. A lot of times extended family comes to celebrate with us too but we decided to keep it simple this year. We helped her rearrange some furniture in her house to better accomodate my dad. Friday night we went to her neighbor's house & I learned how to play Canasta--fun! Saturday Corinne & I spent the morning taking pictures in Lewes, Delaware (the first city in the first state) for her blog. Last week's picture perfect theme was "oldie but goodie" and she got some really great shots!

This is the one she used for her blog: it made her smile :D

Here are some other I liked!

As we were walking back to the car I had to take this spring-time pic. Love the purple flowers against the purple house and the still bare tree branches.

That afternoon we went to Agave Grill on Main Street in Lewes. We've been there before & LOVE their fish tacos!!!!

Jack was being a cute lil man

and Spencer was being his funny self :)

I may get to see my mom tomorrow again too! She coming this way to have lunch w/friends (former co-workers) and has invited me along. I'm loving all this time together. :)

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