Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ryan Bennett Tribute

Ryan Bennett

August 20,1970 - May 31st 2006

Brian's cousin passed away in a car accident May 31, 2006. Four years ago yesterday. Ryan's younger brother, Randall, put together this video shortly after and shared it with us via Vimeo on FB today. It's hard to believe it's been four years already. What an amazing family.

Ryan was co-founder of popular MMA news site MMAWeekly.com and host of hit radio show Sound Off Radio.

He was an in-ring interview for the UFC (great footage with Chuck Lidell in the video) and also did play-by-play for organizations including WEC, Rumble on the Rock, K-1, IFC, and more.

Love and hugs to Ryans family who continue to strongly mourn his loss.


Alta said...

Never got to meet him, and what a shame that is. The video brought tears to my eyes, and I'll be passing that onto Paul.
How is his family doing now? I don't think anyone ever told us (or Paul didn't tell me) how the little girl that was thrown from the car did.
Thanks Kimmy

kimmy said...

The rest of the family lived. I know his wife had a hard time recovering from a broken pelvis. I think the kids were all pretty much ok though. She did remarry. Don't know if he had other kids or if they have had any more. I met him 2 or 3 times over the years of visiting out west. Especially sad they also lost their sisters a few years earlier. Most of their family are on FB. Randall & SueAnn use it the most. SueAnn just had a baby boy! :)