Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project 365 Day 5: King of Limbs


Just a little octopus our friend (and sushi chef) shared with us. Isn't he cute? Well, unfortunately he didn't turn out quite the way I wanted him to. I took multiple pics but they all turned out fuzzy here and there. So I fooled with this one and made him psychedelic.

The best part of tonight was SIMON is back! For those who don't know, Brian and I have been doing our Friday night date nights at a Japanese Tepan Grill called Sakura EVERY week for the last 3 YEARS. Simon is the sushi chef there and now is a really good friend of ours. You may remember seeing him in some of my Picture Perfect pics... BUSY and SIGNS . Well last month he announced he was moving back to China. We were so bummed. He wasn't there very long though. Too bad for him...but we're happy he's back. :)

Project 365 Day 5
Because of that I had to use a psychedelic song. Radiohead seemed to be the perfect choice. Especially with the name of their last album "King of Limbs"...perfect!

Simon didn't want us to take a pic of him tonight...but we had another surprise as well. Sarah worked for Sakura for quite a few years but left almost a year ago to pursue her nursing school full time. She was filling in tonight and it was a blast to see her again too.


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