Sunday, August 12, 2012

free field trip day at science center!

(August 31, 2011)
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well all of our wreckage has been cleaned up. just need to put a new soffit up where the awning tore away from the roof. brian had a little help from the boys putting the trash into his pick-up. he paid them each $5.00 woohoo! ;)


After a long day of cleaning up at work, at his boss's house and then our house...Brian took the time to relax with his music and a fire. Well deserved!!


TODAY: I found out that if you got to the Science Center this morning between 10 and 11 they gave you free admission!!! We did pay to watch an IMAX 3-D show "Wild Ocean". Let me tell you...IMAX & 3-D is AMAZING!!

The boys were able to pet a 15yr old python,


analyze how a tornado forms,


play a cordless harp (thanks to lasers),


pulley to the stars,


tug of war side was easier to pull because the pulley was at the top while the other side was at the bottom,


shoot off styrofoam pool noodles (oh yes, they did this for quite a while)...


shooting from the 2nd floor-


picking up from the 1st floor (notice one of the noodles is stuck on top of the high bowl of water)


archway of takes two to put this together without it falling!


don't lean too hard!


electrifying!! yes he shocked me when he got off the stool. ;)


laying on a bed of nails. spencer said it did wonders for his back. lol


the view of Baltimore's Inner Harbor from the 2nd floor of the science center


another view from the elevator. the building with the triangular rooftops is the aquarium. to the left of that is the hard rock cafe. :)


reflection of jack/me :)


it's starting to get a little cooler, but still warm enough that jack ran through the fountain. reminded me of watching the kids in charleston! spencer would not get in. lol


Baltimore Grand Prix going on the next 3 days. wow.....streets blocked off and grandstands all through the city. crazy!!!


loved the clouds above the Bromo-Seltzer clock tower.


Didn't take my real camera. These were all taken with my phone, so not the best. But it was a fun fun day! Leaving tomorrow to move Corinne to my parents house. Will stay there a couple days and be home Sunday. Boy it's been a crazy month! Sad to see summer end though

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