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Project 365/ Day 20: TEAM TORPEDOES

(June 19, 2011)
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From now through the end of July my Saturday's will be spent with these fine looking swimmers!

Yesterday was team pictures and then Time Trials. It's set up exactly like a swim meet but there is no other team, just our kids, swimming all 6 events (at a meet you can only swim up to 4) so that they each have a time. Usually at each meet they beat their own times...that is the goal.

In our division the 6 events are swam in this order:

IM (Individual Medley-Butterfly/Backstroke/Breaststroke/Freestyle)






project 365 day 20

Corinne is to the left of the first O flag.

Jack is behind and to the right of the red headed boy in front. You can only see the top of his head.


The girl to the right of Corinne is Elena...Jack's "g/f" since pre-k. They are both entering 5th grade! Notice Elena is sitting next to Corinne. They are placed together by height. Elena is 10. Corinne is almost 17! Jack comes up to Elena's shoulder. ;)


Good boy always know right where momma is with her camera. :)


Guess who's yawning?!

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