Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365 Day 33 BUTTERFLY KISSES

( July 11, 2011)
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This was FABULOUS day with Monika and Val!!! They both took the day off work. I picked up Monika and we drove over to Val's neck of the woods in Silver Spring, Maryland. We had sushi for lunch (i think that is going to be a tradition for us...hahaha) then headed over to Brookside_Gardens.

This was the first time i've ever been in a butterfly house and it was out of this world!!!! It was definitely the most exciting day i've had on a photoshoot. Monika had one land on her arm and then later caught one on her finger (she used this in a PP). Soooo many awesome photos that day. Both Monika and Val shared a whole photo album worth already. One of these days I'll post all of mine too.

My cousin's son's girlfriend is nuts about butterflies (she collects them and has a tatoo on her arm of one too) so I took her the following week and Jack went with us. I'll have lots to put in my photo album! hehe. Corinne was going to go with us too but got called in to work. So I'll probably be going again with her sometime soon. What a great find! Thanks so much Val for showing us this incredible sanctuary.

These two were flying around hooked together. More than butterfly kisses....I guess they were making a caterpillar! ;)

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