Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365/ Day 8: When the World Stopped Turning

(Jun 6 2011)
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It was my 34th birthday. Jack was 2 weeks old.

The neighborhood kids came into my house to bring me hand made birthday cards before they went off to school. It was such a beautiful day...much like it is in this pic I took this morning. About a half hour later my mother called to see if I was watching TV. I had Clifford the Big Red Dog on for Spencer. haha. She told me I should change the channel to local news that a plane hit the WTC in NY and as I did I saw the 2nd plane hit.


Knowing something was completely wrong, feeling like the world was about to drastically change and feeling complete dread as I just brought a brand new baby into this world. As I was taking Jack to his 2wk well baby dr. visit I heard on the car radio that the Pentagon had been hit and there was a 4th plane missing.


Scared to death because my cousin worked in NYC and a close friend worked at the Pentagon. Luckily we heard later that day that they were both ok.

Project 365 Day 8

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