Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time to start blogging from blogger!

 Tonight was a lot of fun DESPITE the really really REALLY bad restaurant we ended up at tonight. We have a monthly ladies dinner on the 3rd Monday of each month. We've been doing this for two years and have been to a different restaurant each month, so I guess one completely horrible experience in the last two years isn't too bad. But have to say this was the WORST place I've ever been too.

Lemongrass Too in Annapolis Maryland.
Poor Janie (second from left sitting) couldn't even eat hers...smelled like dog food.

so we ended up going to McDonalds afterward! LOL

What was so bad about it? Well, not only was the food not great (Janie's was the worst but none of us really enjoyed our dishes) but the service was beyond bad. It took an hour for us to get our food, and then they got two of our orders wrong and mine must not have even been ordered because they didn't bring mine out until the others were half done eating theirs! Then after they finally brought us our food the waiter never came back to check on us. My dish was extra spicy hot and I needed more water. I actually had to stop eating because I was sweating so bad and was turning all shades of red. My lips were going numb! I finally had to yell across the room to another waiter because I was so uncomfortable...and I love spicy food! He came back with a pitcher of water and soda for the others but never offered an apology. When we went to pay the girl at the register apologized because she was new (so was our original waiter) so the same waiter that brought us our drinks had to take care of our money too. Worst. Experience. Ever.

Oh well. Good Company. We still managed to have fun. :)

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