Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How we met...

So I guess I'll start here, at the "beginning". The story of how we met is not brief at all. I've known Brian since I was 8 and he was 10. We were in the same ward. My parents joined the church when I was 8 and Brian's older brother (Leah’s dad) split w/the missionaries to help teach my parents. His parents were awesome and very welcoming to us, inviting us over to their house for dinner & such the 1st couple years. Then the ward split and even though we lived in the same town we were in completely different stakes. So all through our youth we didn't really see each other. My best friend asked him to senior prom and I noticed him at that point. I was scared of him though, he was "older" and very outgoing. Always seemed to be having fun. After I graduated HS I would see him at some singles dances, at that point we were in the same stake again but either he would have a girlfriend or I would have a boyfriend. But we would still flirt. Then he went on his mission. The day after he came back a mutual friend of ours had a party at her house & we were mega flirting at this stage. But we still didn't see much of each other. A few years later I went to BYU and he was out visiting his older brother who was also out there. I was in the same ward as the mutual friend I mentioned b4 and she invited Brian to our FHE which just happened to be in my front yard! The picture w/me in the purple dress sitting on his lap is of that night. Both my roommate & the mutual friend who are in the picture too had a crush on him, but I was still "dating" a midshipman from the Naval Academy back home. They sat down on either side of him and I was going to sit next to my roommate, but he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. That was a surprised smile on my face in that picture! I thought he was hot and encouraged my friends to pursue him...haha. The next day we climbed Y mountain and had a great time. They were flirting w/him and he was flirting w/me...hehe. A few months later I went home for Christmas & broke up w/my mid. A couple days after I came back to BYU Brian had called our mutual friend and asked her if I had come home for Christmas cause he didn't see me. She said yes and that I had broken up w/my boyfriend and was very upset and told him he should call me. Well he did and the rest is history. We called each other once a week, then twice a week, then three times a week! We got to know each other really really well and were great friends. The closer it came to my coming home for summer we planned our first date. Two weeks after coming home he asked if I had ever thought of marriage. I absolutely could not say a word---I was dumbstruck. He thought that was funny. That not being a really official proposal, the next week he presented me w/a poem about looking for & finding his true love. It was so awesome. He told me not to answer him then. All I could do was giggle. Two weeks later he gave me a proper proposal and I told him I just had to say yes because the spirit was soooo strongly telling me it was to be. :D His family was so surprised cause it was so quick and we had known each other forever.

I'll have to find that poem and post it sometime. Another funny thing, when we were telling our friends about our engagement another mutual friend pulled out a picture from when we were youth. She had a party at her house, I was about 14 & he was 16. We both remember being there, but neither of us remembered each other being there and there we were standing right next to each other in the picture! LOL

These pictures are of us during that time frame. Most of them at BYU. How do you like both of our mullets?! His was soooo long. Mine was an afro mullet…haha. Ahhhh the 80’s. So glad to leave them behind. I can’t believe leggings are coming back!!! Wuck. Leah’s dad (holding her in the picture w/the two brothers & Brian is the one who split w/the missionaries to teach us the gospel. And the uncle getting a smooch from Leah is the one Brian was visiting at BYU when I was there.


Steve and Camilla said...

oh my gosh, those are the best pictures! thanks for sharing your love story with us again. its so fun to read. and it made me miss BYU.

The Lowes said...

KIM!!!! I LOVE that story, it's so sweet!! I never knew the meeting story so I'm glad you shared!