Friday, October 26, 2007

Some old, some new...

Thanks Jess for thinkin my blog looks good. ;) I'm still trying to figure it all out! I had a different template up and when I put my xtra large slide show on only half of it was showing. It's an old slideshow I made and I didn't want to fool with it, so I muddled around with all the different settings/templates to see what would work best. So I used a stretch one so all my stuff would fit better. I was excited to find the panoramic picture of downtown Annapolis to use behind my header. It's hard to tell what it is though unless you already know. Do you remember going down to Annapolis when you were here Jess? I just love it down there. Anyway, I'll probably be putting up a lot of old things from my other blog on here as well as mixing in the new things that are happening right now as well. I had a lot of cool stuff on my other blog that I would love for my family & friends who are not on yahoo 360 to see. Here's something old--

sooooooo much fun!!! I bought some water balloons for Corinne to take with her to girls camp and the boys wanted some too. So I ended up going back to the store for more. I had some fun with Windows Movie Maker putting it together too...half way thru I did slow speed, then fast speed, then at the end old movie effects. You can hear my hideous giggle throughout the whole thing...even funnier in slow mo and fast mo. I was laughing so hard watching it tears were streaming down my eyes...

ps..yes, that's an airplane in the background at the beginning of the video. We live right below BWI airport flight path!

pps..if you didn't already guess the back of Jack's hair is for his final swim meet tomorrow. Then it will get shaved off. We like to have fun!

And something new--
halloween 2007 001ewwwwww...the guts are slimy!!!

halloween 2007 002Jack say's it's a great moisturizer...hahaha

halloween 2007 003our carved and painted pumpkin. They went a little crazy with the glitter paint!


kimmychan1967 said...

hmmm...the video did not show up. I'll have to figure out what went wrong and see if I can get it up here. It's sooo funny. I'm kinda sad you can't edit once you post too!

David said...

love the pumpkins.

btw I've started a blog on blogspot and also multiply.

kimmychan1967 said...

great Dave! I added you as a link on my blog and will look into Multiply as well, at least one of my other 360 friends is there as well.