Monday, October 29, 2007

School Daze

I've been having the girls take turns teaching something for achievement. Last week our newest girl, just tuned 8 in November (this was from last year), brought her scrapbooks she's made and supplies and (with her mom) had the girls do three or four scrapbooking pages. So tonight, to go along w/the theme of geneaolgy I brought my book of remembrance and went over everything that belongs in there. I took a geneology class at BYU, so mine has quite a bit. These pictures were in there as part of my Biography. It was cool cause I also was able to tell them a bit about Patriarchal Blessings since I had a copy of mine in there as well. None of them had heard of that and thought that was cool and had loads of questions. Since my father in law is the Patriarch and I am his scribe I could answer their answers pretty well. I also brought my baby album, wedding album and Brian's missionary album. I got them all journals and we talked about the importance of keeping one as part of genealogy, for their progenitors. And then we went over what kinds of things do we know, or do we want to know about our ancestors. We listed questions we would want to ask our parents/grandparents. They wrote them in the front of their journal and I encouraged them to interview them. I told them to write in their journals at LEAST once a week, if not every day or so and bring them back in a month to share a little of what they did. It was a very full night!

OK--the pics, don't laugh too hard!!!! I know you will...hehe. I told you I was a red-head! And the clothes and hairstyles--ugg! This is from 1972-1985.

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The Lowes said...

I think you look fabulous Kim!! What a great activity for your girls!