Saturday, October 27, 2007

our boys...and girls

Chris & Ian before homecoming

This pic is of Chris and his best friend Ian before
going to homecoming a couple weeks ago. Funny how they dressed alike. They even had the EXACT pair of shoes. They didn't do it on purpose either. In fact Ian's mom said they were looking for a white shirt to buy him and
couldn't find one. They went to pizza hut w/a group of friends b4
going to the dance. Ian has a girlfriend so had a date. Chris didn't
want to ask anyone to the dance. He said he didn't want to have to
just dance w/one girl. He has lots of friends who are girls who are
going and he wanted to have the option to dance with them

Jack & Elena--aren't they cute?

Elena came over last week after school for a playdate and they were sitting so cutely in this chair together watching a movie.

Jack & Elena--funny pose

Then I told them to make funny faces for a crazy picture. Jack had the right idea, but Elena thought pretending to kiss him was funny. lol

Later they went outside and were playing on the trampoline and in the sandbox. When it was about time for Elena's mom to get here to pick her up I went out to check on them and they were walking onto the field behind our house. When I called them back Jack said..."but we wanted to see the sunset together"! lol. Of course Elena is the leader in this relationship. Jack follows her everywhere. They found some pretty flowering weeds up on the field and started picking them for each other. After a little while I told them Elena's mom would be here soon and that they could pick some of the purple flowers in front of our house until she got here. I got a pink vase for Elena and a blue one for Jack. Each of them were picking flowers for each other and putting it in their vases. Ahhhhhh...puppy love. ;)


The Lowes said...

I can't believe how big Chris is, that's crazy! I didn't even recognize him and just thought it was a picture of some family friends until I started reading. So when did he decide to cut the hair?

Jack looks so cute with his girl friend. Are they the same age? She looks a little older.

kimmychan1967 said...

Chris decided he wanted a faux hawk this summer for swim team. Its growing out now. He wants it long again...sigh.

Yes, she is a year older and a head taller! But in the same grade. Jack has a late birthday and turned 6 a week b4 school started. Elena just turned 7 a few weeks ago.

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