Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Five--Thankful

This week's theme was provided by Jacklyn705 . . . click here for her Multiply page . . .

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and although it is an American holiday, let's focus on being thankful . . . in the following five categories of people, who are you most thankful for in each category and why (if you care to elaborate) . . . and . . . if you can't think of a person, in it's place, something that you are thankful for . . .

1. Family--This is hard because I'm thankful for all my different family members in their own unique ways. My mom has taught me about unselfish service. My dad has taught me to stand for what is right even when it's hard. My husband has taught me how to not sweat the small stuff. Chris has taught me how much more I love my kids than things (when he was a toddler he broke 3 priceless things in one day!). Corinne has taught me how fun it is to have a daughter and how hard it is to have a teenage daughter...hahaha. Spencer has taught me patience...really. If it were not for having to homeschool him I would not have the patience I do for ANY of my kids. Jack has taught me how very important it is to love everybody. He is so good at that. All of my family brings joy and laughter into my life.

2. Public leader-not really happy with most of our state public leaders. I do like our Maryland Senator Ben Cardin. He's very hard working, honest and down to earth.

3. Friend--I would have to say my hubby and my mom. I go to them whenever I really need a friend to talk to. I don't have any other real close friend I talk to like that. And of course all of my 360 friends I am very thankful for!!!

4. Celebrity--all the funny celebs cause I love to laugh. Also the Heroes bunch--I love that show!!!

5. Stranger--all the strangers who just smile and say hi. I meet many of them each day.

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