Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas cards

So we went down to the beach on this very cold, windy, "brisk" day to take pictures for our Christmas cards. As you can tell none of the kids wanted to be there. Chris smirked the whole time. We always have a hard time getting Spencer to even look at the camera (part of his eye problem and ADD). So I need some help picking one that might do!

thanksgiving 2007 002 #1

thanksgiving 2007 005 #2

thanksgiving 2007 006 #3

thanksgiving 2007 009 #4

thanksgiving 2007 010 #5

thanksgiving 2007 027.1#6

thanksgiving 2007 024 #7

thanksgiving 2007 008 #8

or #9...try again!


thanksgiving 2007 028
This one of corinne, my mom and I was the best pic of the day anyway.


The Lowes said...

i like 1, 3, 4 and the one of you and brian kissing, that's precious! i know this doesn't help, but it helps narrow it down, huh?

kimmychan1967 said...

Thanks Jess--I appreciate you commenting! I like those the best too I think.