Monday, November 5, 2007

House full of sickos!!!

Jack started Thursday with a cough and didn't go to school on Friday because it was so bad and he started with a fever. He spent all day Saturday in bed miserable. Yesterday he was feeling better and we all went to church. The primary is practicing for the Sacrament presentation, so I didn't want the two boys to miss it. Last night Corinne & Chris started feeling bad and this morning Brian said he hopes he's not getting sick.
I'm stocking up on Vitamin C, garlic, etc! I don't want to get sick!!


I've been reading a lot the last month. I started reading Orson Scott Card's (an LDS author) Women of Genesis series and couldn't put them down. They are: "Sarah", "Rebekah", and "Rachel & Leah".

I also read "Stone Tables" which is about Moses. I loved each of them. Although fiction, he stays true to the biblical stories and it's neat to feel what they may have experienced on a deeper level than what we really know. I know these women who are married to our prophets are incredibly strong ladies.

I was sharing these with a friend of mine and she recommended "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. She praised this book for it's insight into women's experiences and closeness in biblical times. This book is on the New York Times best seller list and has lots of great praise from Christian, Jewish and non-religious critics. I was looking forward to reading this. The book is written from Dinah's perspective, Jacob & Leah's daughter. I had very mixed feelings about the book. I did like the reason the women had the red tent, and the relationships she gave the women. But did not like the overall feeling of the book, the way she had the strong biblical characters (ie, Issac, Rebeckah, ,Jacob, Rachel & Joseph) have substantial flaws, some very contradictory to what we know to be true in the bible, and the way she had Abraham's descendants doing things that worshipped Greek Gods. It was all wrong, but it was an interesting story of what could have happened w/Dinah and the man who took her before they were married.

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The Lowes said...

Thanks for sharing, I need to start reading again, my brain is turning into mush..seriously I really feel that way!!!