Friday, November 9, 2007

Muffins for Moms

Well, I got notice yesterday from the elementary school that it was "Muffins for Mom's" this morning, from 7:50 until 10:00. If I had more notice I would have been able to go to the whole thing, but I take the girls (Corinne & three of her friends) to middle school every morning and that doesn't start until 9:00. So I dropped the girls off 10 minutes early & got to the elementary school by 9, which still gave me an hour to visit with Jack. Actually I only missed about 10 minutes in Jack's classroom. They start out with the mom's in the cafeteria with muffins, coffee, etc for the mom's to feast on while the principal and reading specialist tell us all the great things the kids are doing so far this year and show off their programs, some of the kids work and pictures they put into a video w/music. It's all nice, but I don't mind missing that part. I really only go so my kid can see me.

I forgot to take my camera this year. Jack was doing very well with his writing. They were writing about a "fall" walk they took together as a class the previous day. He woke up with an ear ache this morning though. I gave him some Tylenol and put peroxide and then ear numbing medicine in his ear. But at school it was just getting worse, so I took him home with me after he was finished his writing. Chris has been out of school ALL WEEK. I took him to the nightime doctors on Wednesday and still not showing up as strep and his ears look ok. But that is what he is complaing of. His temp goes up to 103 F, if we don't keep the meds in him every 4 hrs. So it doesn't look like Chris will be playing football tomorrow. His highschool team got in the play-offs. We'll be routing for them from home.

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