Friday, November 16, 2007



da boyz diving

Looking through the pics I had on my computer I loved this one for the theme of repetition. My mind wandered more towards what we do over and over again physically.

This picture seems to convey both the physical repetition (as they are all diving and swimming is something that you practice every day over and over and over and over again) and the visual as they are all in a line going in to the water (although some have better lines than others....hehe).

I wasn't going to put up my runners up, but since Carol did, I thought I would too.


again, I liked this one because of the physical (they are all brothers...the repetition of his parents having 7 boys!) and the visual of them all being in a line (even though they are different heights and wearing slightly different clothes).

chris photography 051 Chris took this for photography class on perspective. I like both the repetitious lines of the the tower itself and the electrical lines going horizontal.

chris photography 042another of chris's perspective photo's. Of course the lines repetitious lines of the keys, but also like the swimming, the repetition of practicing.

chris photography 044 another of Chris's perspective. His guitar. Love it!

oc ferris wheel This I took of the boys at the top of the ferris wheel, which of course goes around and around and around....

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