Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The pediatrician called yesterday to see how Jack was doing on his antibiotics with his earache. He's doing much better and has been in school all week. But while I had them on the phone I explained the situation with he still has a high fever going on 12 days now and after being on antibiotics for over 24 hrs. And also told her the situation about the Dr. note for the the night-time pediatrician wouldn't give me one for last week. So she got the Dr. to write me one for him for last week and told me I could pick it up this morning and then set an appointment for him to see the Dr. this morning if he was still running a fever and didn't go to school today. So this morning his OTHER ear was hurting as well and he was still running a fever, so I took him to the Dr.--the 4th time. Both ears now look very inflamed, so he ordered a stronger antibiotic and then ordered 12 tests from blood work and stool and a chest x-ray and did a urine analysis. At least we're covering lots of bases now! Oh and he's lost 12 POUNDS in one week (he's 5'10" and now weighs 128)!!!!! He's so skinny as it is, the Dr. was concerned about that too (as well as his mother). After all that running around he was pretty worn out and has been taking a nap for 4hrs now.

I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday...she's 60 today! And to tell her to cross her fingers and pray that we will be well enough to make it to their house next week for Thanksgiving break.

I got a great e-mail from my cousin today too remembering our grandmother. She passed away on this date 3 years ago. She is the one standing next to me in our wedding picture.

us & my grandmothers Stacey Christening 3

and here she is in 1967 with my grandfather, holding my cousin Stacey the day of her Christening. They are my father's parents. Pop passed away when I was in 7th grade, he was only 63. Dee lived to be 87. I went to their house every morning in elementary school. My mother would drop me off at their house on her way to work. My friends mom would then take me to school and bring me back to their house after school. I did my homework at their house and then watched soap opera's with Dee until my dad came to get me after work. All of my close friends knew her as "Dee" as well and loved her too. She was a great listener and was always loving and routing for all the kids. The same with her great-grandkids...mine and my cousins children. She loved it when we brought them over and would always make over them. I sure do miss her!!!


The Lowes said...

My goodness, I hope Chris is okay, that's kinda scary! I'm 5'10" and no where NEAR 128...that's tiny!!! Poor Chris!

Lani said...

Kim, that sounds terrible. Don't waste time getting him to the best doctors. I am in big time prayer for him this morning. Let me know when he turns the corner on this.