Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas cards....round 2

Well, we tried again today. It was a little warmer. But still not that much luck. We took a bunch, but these were the only ones even close too good. This time Jack was not smiling and I don't know why!!!! He posed for a couple pics before this while he was climbing up on the rocks and smiled really nice for me. I was looking at them in the camera but wasn't paying too much attention to Jack's expression I guess cause I didn't notice he wasn't smiling until I got them up on the computer. I was mainly making sure Chris wasn't smirking and Spencer was looking at the camera.

Touched up--the final pic for sure!

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The Lowes said...

perfect! i like the finished product, you guys all look great! i cannot believe how BIG spencer is now, he looks so tall!!