Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brian's on his way to Utah...

I just got him on the plane. He, five of his seven brothers, and his dad are all going to their grandmothers funeral. She was 103 years old. Boy...we thought she would really live forever! Like many her age, she was such a hard worker. You had to be back then. She lived on a farm in Franklin, Idaho most of her life. Her husband died over 40 years ago. Since then she has lived with her only daughter and her family in Salt Lake. She has 4 sons and 1 daughter all of which are all still living, my father-in-law being the oldest. He will be 80 this month and is now the oldest living member of his family. The picture is 4 generations. Great-Grandma Mary, Grandpa Norman, Dad Brian and our oldest son Chris. She worked up until she was 95, helping out at the local school. She also did a lot of quilting. Each of her grandchildren received a hand sewn quilt from her when they were born. She also made lots of quilts for charities. She had many many talents and such a kind loving heart. She did a lot of babysitting her grandkids/great-grandkids in Utah as well. I was so amazed at how strong she was while still in her late 90's. She's little like me, hardly 5ft. and so petite. But she was picking up those very wild and strong little boys she was watching like it was nothing.....haha.
A remarkable woman!!! She passed away the day after President Hinckley did.

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