Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogging friends FINALLY meet!

Well....after at least 3 times being at the same place at the same time without even knowing it, Christina and I finally met!!! lol. I met Christina on the blogging net when we were on yahoo 360 and she was about to move to Maryland from Virginia Beach. We had a mutual friend and I noticed Christina was moving up by me, so I befriended here then. It's been over a year now and we have moved from yahoo onto Multiply and also are connected on Myspace and Facebook. We live about 10 minutes from each other and it's incredible we haven't planned on meeting before this. Life sometimes just gets in the way. My husband & I have been wanting to go see Christina dance before, but other things have come up. We are soooo glad we made it this time! She is such a beautiful dancer and all the performances were so much fun to watch. A new experience for us. Christina is also just a beautiful person inside as well as out. She is totally the same person she is on her blog. Thanks for being so kind to us last night and showing us your talents!

me & Christina

bellydancing 035

Christina & her bellydancing troupe Sestraluna

bellydancing 008bellydancing 010bellydancing 012bellydancing 015bellydancing 018bellydancing 025bellydancing 028

sorry the pictures turned out a little fuzzy. i didn't want to use my flash while they were dancing and the lighting was dim. the girls were also spinning and twirling their scarves so fast that they tended to be a blur. hehehe

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Camilla said...

I've never known someone who actually belly dances, thats cool. I'd be way too insecure about my belly though. :)