Saturday, November 8, 2008

Foto Friday ~ HANDMADE

I love handmade things and have collected and been given many precious handmade things over the years. I feel like I don't have much talent when it comes to making things, so I am very proud of my cross-stitched Christmas ornaments & stocking I made when my older kids were very young. I made the ornaments the year after my first child was born (1993) and made the stocking for my daughter the following year. Jack's stocking was made years later in 2002. I would love to get into cross-stitching again. I just seem to not be able to find the time anymore.....

framed cross-stitched stocking

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Camilla said...

i know what you mean, time is a hot commodity around here. i feel like all i do is feed and change a baby all day so doing anything else is a big accomplishment!