Monday, December 1, 2008

Nice family Thanksgiving by the beach

Well...yes, i did miss Brian when he wasn't here and headed home a day early. But we did have fun at my parents visiting with them, my cousins and their families. We have also made friends with my parents neighbors who have kids Chris & Corinne's age. They came by for dessert Thursday evening and then came with us to see the festival of lights in Ocean City.

I was so proud of Chris. He just got his learners permit a few weeks ago and only drove 40 minutes before heading to the beach. He drove the whole way there, 3 hours and crossing the Bay Bridge (can be scary for some). He drove down to Ocean City from my parents (an hour) and back and drove back home. So now he has over 5 hrs of driving time logged. He needs 60 hours (and 6 months) before he can get his license. He did VERY well too!

Dad's not doing so well. The doctors have him off his anxiety meds because he has been having tremors for a while now and they've been trying to figure out why. Maybe his meds. Dad took himself off all of his meds but then he wasn't sleeping so mom has gotten him to take sleeping meds. That was one reason we came home one day early too. Having us (especially the kids) wasn't helping matters. He was up all night worried about them because of his condition (anxiety). Please keep him in your prayers! It's hard to see him looking so frail. He's only 65 yrs old.

Kind of worried about Brian's job too. His company has laid off people at other 4 locations this year because they weren't doing the business. Our location has been doing strong, but a few months ago their numbers have gone down as well. Last week they laid off 3 ppl and so far today they have laid off 2 more. No one is safe and we are all holding our breath! Brian is middle management. Hopefully he/his position is enough of an asset to keep. It really sucks to be laid off right before Christmas!!!

Looking up...i've started back on my spiritual journey. I spoke with our Bishop yesterday and am looking forward to taking necessary steps to get me/us back into church. I know I have some hard things to do in getting back, but i'm ready. Another reason to be thankful.


Camilla said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving. I'm so proud of you for talking to your Bishop. That sounds cheesy, sorry. I just know that it takes courage.

I remember the days of learner's permits. Chris must have been stoked to drive so much! The first time my parents had me drive on a long trip was to Utah. I drove at night and was next to those big cement walls for construction. I almost freaked so I had to pull over and hand over the reins. Fun memory.

kimmychan1967 said...

thanks camilla--cheesy or not i really appreciate it. i've been so humbled by friends and family showing me love and not judging. it's gonna be tough but a necessary step. i'm actually at peace and am looking forward to what's next. i'm ready to move on.

those cement walls can get freaky! :D