Monday, January 5, 2009

catching up from the holidays...

...and what a long holiday celebration it was! I finally got the kids back in school this morning and am able to sit down a little bit and blog. haha. It's been fun hearing about what a few of my friends where up to this Christmas and New Years. Hope everyone had a great one!!

Brian and I have been trying the past couple of years to not do so many presents for Christmas. I grew up an only child...and spoiled I guess. I was used to getting lots and I wanted to do the same for my kids...especially when they were young. But now that we have 4 and the older ones want more and more expensive things it's brought stress into our lives and we have started focusing more on the reason for the season instead of drowning them with presents! This year especially we are so thankful for our family...and that we are still together. We started going back to church the beginning of December. Not really because of Christmas, but because it was time for us to get past what has happened to us this year and move on. It has been so refreshing and freeing to do this again.

So the presents under our tree are fewer (although you may not be able to tell since there are 6 ppl in our family--ha!).


Even the stockings aren't stuffed and overflowing like they have been in the past. (notice the half eaten gingerbread house on the table..that's ANOTHER story!)


But Santa did have a few nice surprises up his belt (for Spencer & Jack)

corinne2 061

We have trained our kids well to wait until after breakfast to open presents...


Corinne even helped make breakfast!


Brian was dressed as naughty


Corinne was very happy with her camera. now she doesn't have to keep borrowing ours...


and was even excited over a 100 slim jims!!! Her favorite breakfast...breakfast of champions??


Chris got games for his The Dark Night movie and some games for PS3. Plus promised him some new shoes and hoodie he's been wanting & actually needs. Chris & Corinne both love their ultra soft body pillows. They feel soooooo good!!!


Brian surprised me with a hoodie of my own! Here we are with our new gear from some of our favorite bands.


Uncle Kevin (Brian's brother) is trying out my other present. A new camera.

corinne2 056

But the biggest hit was a present to the little ones from my parents. We were wii wii wii-ing all day long!!!!

corinne2 088corinne2 087corinne2 078DSCF5236DSCF5243DSCF5249

even grandpa got into the fun! We found him snoozing later so maybe he had a little too much fun...hehehe.


Reimenn wasn't sure where to get amongst all the fun...

corinne2 050

We are counting our blessings that we had fun together as a family this season and that we love each other more than ever. The Lord really has blessed us and we thank Him for that and remember His birth, His life and His death. We rededicate ourselves to Him this year and strive to do better, live better, be better.



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Durrants! It was fun to read about your holidays. I am sharing your joy to have the kids back in school today. Hip, hip, hooray!

West Coast Durrants

Camilla said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Its hard to fight the urge to spoil our children, we have so much to be thankful for. I can't believe another year is