Sunday, February 8, 2009

another questionnaire...25 random things. :)

I’ve tried doing this list for a month now but it’s been hard thinking of 25 things & then I get distracted. The last time I tried I was in the middle of the list and my computer shut down…ugg. Maybe I’m not supposed to do this list? Haha. Anyway it’s been fun reading about all of my friends lists so I guess I better do mine now too. :P

1. Thanks to Stacey, my cousin, I’m back on Facebook. I was on here a few years back but was pretty bored with it. This time around I have found many long lost friends and connected with family that normally are pretty hard to keep in contact with. It’s been so much fun!!

2. I have a myspace too…mainly to keep an eye on the teenagers, but enjoy the music on there as well.

3. I went to nursery school (with Stacey) in an old building on 1st ave. in Glen Burnie. Went to Linthicum elementary school through 6th grade. Went to old mill north for 7th and 8th and old mill high school.

4. I have 4 kids…my oldest are now going to old mill high school! Yikes…I’m too old. I home school my 10 yr old who is severely inattentive ADD and has reading disabilities. My youngest goes to rippling woods elementary school.

5. I’m an only child and my husband is 5th of 7 boys.

6. I love being part of a large family!

7. I’ve known my hubby since I was 8 and he was 10 when my family joined the LDS church. I spent many fun times over his house when I was little…mostly playing with my now brother-in-law Kevin. I don’t remember much of Brian from back then. He was older and I was probably scared of him. I was very timid back then!

8. When I was going to BYU Brian came out to visit his brother Scott and we had a great time climbing Y mountain. That was when we first “noticed” each other. He started calling me after Christmas that year and after a few months we were planning our first date when I came home in May.

9. We dated 6 wks. Before getting engaged, but were engaged exactly one year. He asked me to marry him June 22, 1990 and we married June 22, 1991.

10. I just had to ask Brian when our anniversary is. I can never remember the exact date!!! How crummy a wife am I???

11. Hubby and I have been going out every Friday for our date night for about 2 years now.

12. We’ve been going to Sakura every Friday night (unless something else is going on…but MOST every Friday night) for about a year now.

13. I took dance for 10 yrs (tap, jazz, ballet) when I was young and really really really want to get back into some kind of dance. Especially after seeing how much fun my friend Christina has belly and ballroom dancing!!!

14. I hate cold weather. I hate being cold. I never wear socks so my feet are always cold!

15. I love being outside in the summer time. My kids are on swim team so I’m up and at the community pool every morning by 7am.

16. I love working outside taking care of my vegetable garden, flowers and even the lawn. It’s very therapeutic for me.

17. I am now writing this list on word document (so it can be saved) because the battery plug in for my laptop doesn’t work and when it becomes unplugged my computer shuts down. It got disconnected on number 13…..why am I still doing this list?! Haha

18. My dad was a lefty pitcher for the Orioles minor league and was room mates with Jim palmer but threw his arm out pitching a slider and never made it to the majors. He was my softball coach for many years and I loved playing, but was never any good. I was scared to catch pop-flies and wasn’t strong enough to hit the ball very far. But I could however bunt very well and was so fast that even though the other team knew I was bunting they still couldn’t get me out at first. :D

19. I started my own cleaning business a few years ago when hubby’s company wasn’t happy with the ppl. that cleaned their offices. I go in at 4am twice a week and am learning how to be a morning person.

20. I got pulled over by the police going to work in the early morning because my back lights were out (my van keeps blowing fuses). I then found out I had been driving on a suspended license for 3 years—what???!!! I had no idea, supposedly for an unpaid ticket. I had to call Brian at 4am for him to come and get me because the police wouldn’t let me drive away on a suspended license. Thank goodness he heard the phone!!! Then I had to go to court and was scared because they could have actually locked me up! Very stressful December…haha. Luckily we just had to pay the original ticket and nothing else, phew. I guess because I had a clean record…hadn’t been pulled over in at least 3 years!

21. I love going to the beach, but hubby hates it. My parents live near the beach so I take the kids there for 2 wks every summer while hubby stays home. It’s a great vacation for him too as it’s peace and quiet!

22. I love to laugh and can’t help laughing out loud. I hate my laugh though it’s much too loud. My daughter always mocks me when I laugh. My husband loves making me laugh in inappropriate places like in the middle of church…soooo embarrassing.

23. I love going to concerts with my hubby. We went to see Alter Bridge 3 times, Shinedown twice (we took jack our last time), Godsmack, Sully Erna’s (Godsmack’s lead singer) acoustic show & Hootie and the Blowfish once last year….as well as a few unsigned bands. Really want to see Opeth & Lacuna Coil this year and wish Kenny Wayne Shepherd was on tour again!

24. I hate T.V., hardly ever watch it.

25. I collect elephants. It started with some that my grandmother had and gave to me and I added to the collection with my first job at Scrimshaw Traditions in Annapolis mall. Since then my family & friends have given me lots of great ones. My favs are one from my brother in law Kevin made of white china with green painted clovers on it he got on his trip to Ireland and one from my sister in law Leslie blue cloisonné she got on her trip to China.

dining room 1

and of course, yet again my hubby had to do it too...

25 Randumb things...

Here we go...

1. I hate doing these surveys. (mostly)

2. If it takes me a month to plan and execute a random survey, it's not random.

3. this is a random survey.

4. My music tastes change with my mood.

5. My mood can be changed by music.

6. My ear itches.

7. I scratched it.

8. I'm glad that my ear is the only thing that itches.

9. I love my kids dearly even when they drive me crazy.

10. I miss sitting around my parents table with my brothers after softball discussing every play of the game.

11. I'm lucky enough to still like my job more than I hate it.

12. I like Alter Bridge better than Creed.

13. my wife collects elephants. i collect tools. they're both mostly for looking at.

14. I love my 7yr old the best because he still believes i'm always right.

15. I love my teenagers too, they think i'm never right.

16. My parents are on facebook.

17. I don't know the size of my carbon footprint, but my nike one is 11!

18. I believe sweat pants are for wearing around the house, not to Wal-Mart or work.

19. I love my wife now more than ever.

20. I finally understand how my mother felt when she worked to prepare food for us and then had to yell at us to get us to come and eat. I hate that.

21. Sugar was the best dog ever...she loved kimmy too.

22. I loved pets when i was a kid, now I prefer other people to have them.

23. I'm a lover, not a fighter, and if you don't believe it I will kick your ass!

24. tV is a huge waste of time. Occasionally I waste time.

25. " I am not perfect, and I don't claim to be..." I'm trying to be a better version of me!

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