Wednesday, February 25, 2009


That's what brian called what he cleaned up the other night after spencer started spewing all over the place 2:00 in the morning! Yes, we've been passing the flu around since Brian's mom was at the hospital last week. Brian got a call from his dad 11:30 last Wednesday night that mom was really in bad shape. Since she's diabetic after several days of not being able to eat and everything either coming up or out she was near death's door. Brian told his dad to call an ambulance and he went to follow them over. He then called me a little after midnight to tell me his dad was also sick and was stumbling around as well. He is diabetic too and had forgotten to take his meds that day because he was so worried about mom. When they got to the hospital he was in the bathroom the whole time getting sick. So I came and took him home, made sure he took his meds and insulin, drank some gatoraide and went to bed. Then I went back and sat with Brian and his mom until I had to take the kids to school.

Anyway--she was in the hospital for 4 days. We couldn't help bring her home because Brian got sick Saturday and was in bed all day and I got sick Sunday. I"m telling you it's the worst thing I've had in a long while. Since neither one of us felt like cooking Sunday I had Brian pick up McDonald's for the kids that night. That's where the McPuke came from....hahahaha. Poor Spencer. And Poor Brian, who cleaned up the mess while I was cleaning up Spencer and making a place for him on our floor to sleep...of course with a bucket next to his head. Brian's brother, Kevin, was the one who helped bring mom home and he ended up with it Monday as well.

STAY AWAY FROM US!!!! haha. just wanted to state why i haven't been around in a week. don't have enought energy to post a blog. i have been on FB however. funny how that works! but since lots of family are on there it's been nice to keep all of them up to date with what is going on. hopefully i'll be doing blogs again here shortly.

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