Monday, August 31, 2009

My Baby is 8!!!

The last of my kids hits the Big 8!
A very special age since he is now old enough for baptism!!
Since his birthday is in August, right before school starts it's always hard to get friends to come to his party. But we sent out save the dates the last day of school in june and we got some more friends to come this year. :) UNFORTUNATELY hurricane rain decided to show it's face that day and we had planned a pool party. Lightning and torrential rain started 1/2 hr before the party started. So I had to call everyone and tell them we were going to start the party at the house to do food/cake/presents and then hopefully go up to the pool after that. It worked out great. The rain stopped right b4 the party started and didn't come back. So the last hour we spent at the pool and we were the only ones there!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jack
Happy Birthday to you!
jacks 8th25
Who's gonna be the first to blow out the candles?
jacks 8th23
Gotta lick the candels. :)
jacks 8th20
Taking some underwater pics with his new camera
jacks 8th11
Some of my fav pics of Jack over the years:
He was scheduled to be delivered a week early because he was big, 8.3,
and I'm...not so big. Thanks Dr. Williamson!!
Chris, Corinne & Spencer hung around until the pain got really bad
6 hrs of labor and he arrived!
The only time Spencer got near Jack was here. After that he had a complex
about having a baby in the house.
2 months old portrait taken w/handmade blanky made by
Aunt Leslie
First Halloween. Notice Spencer does not want him ANYWHERE NEAR HIM! haha
First Christmas. He was soooo sick. Spent New Years in the hospital.
First b-day. Chris and mini-Chris.
3 amigos. by this time Spencer loves his lil bro.
Yes, Corinne actually drew on his face with marker!
Anyone who has been to my house knows that I collect elephants.
So when i saw this costume I HAD to get it!!!
Age 2, right before i cut off his golden hair.
Funny hats at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.
funny hats
Puppy love
The day we got May
puppy love
Daddy's little helper
Mommy's little helper
spinach 1
What all little boys love to do
Climb trees
jack & spencer tree
park near Blowing Rock, N.C.
LOVE this pic of father/son
nc thanksgiving dad & jack
Chiquita silliness
I wonder where he gets his silliness from?
at the beach this summer
beach 09 045
Happy Birthday my funny little man!!! I love you. <3


Camilla said...

I loved those pictures. We need to tell these kids to slooooow down and stop growing.

Lani said...

Enjoyed looking at the pics. So many I hadn't seen. Such an adorable family Kim, you're doing a great job!!