Tuesday, August 18, 2009

where has the summer gone?

Well, school starts next Monday. Got all the back-to-school shopping done...as they say "it's the most wonderful time of the year"! It's been a good summer though so with mixed feelings I send 3 of my 4 off to school. I'm still homeschooling Spencer...and probably will through HS.

Chris is a senior this year!!! It's so hard to believe. Seems not so very long ago that I graduated, and from the same school. He wants to go to electrician school in D.C. after he graduates and then move to California with a friend of his who has family out there and said would hire them. He's working hard on getting his drivers license. Going to school for that now. It took us a while to sign him up. Loved the days when we were young and it was free at the public school. He's had his learners since last November so he is doing very well and will pass the class and test with flying colors I'm sure.

It's been a long summer for Corinne, but a good one. Her freshman year was a hard one for her. Hopefully she has learned from her mistakes. She spent most of the summer with my parents in Delaware, near the beach, and had great fun with a good friend there plus helped my mom out a lot. My mom said she enjoyed having her there and hopefully next summer she can come again and get a summer job at the beach! We have been working on renovating her room all summer too. It's just about done. I'll post pics when the rest of the stuff comes from JCPenney's and all the decorating is done. :)

This year will be the first that i'm homeschooling Spencer without an expensive all inclusive accredited curriculum. I've been doing that the last 3 years and I feel I can find everything I need on-line and seperately @online-stores & local teacher stores for much cheaper. Homeschooling has definitely been a learning experience for me!!

Jack has been the busiest this summer with swim team everyday except Sundays all the way thru the last day of July. He did very well this year in learning to do proper breathing for freestyle learning breast and butterfly strokes.
omst 09 010
He's 8 this Friday and will be getting baptised soon!!! What a proud momma I am. <3
heading out to surf 09
surfing 09
waiting on a wave
cousins.girls beach 09
cousins.boys beach 09
spencer & jack beach 09

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Camilla said...

It just blows my mind how quickly time flies! I hope your kids have a good start to their school year and I'm glad to be "seeing" you back in the blogisphere. :)