Saturday, February 6, 2010

This weather forcaster CRACKED ME UP....telling it just the way we all felt.

We have had more snow than I EVER remember having in Maryland and it's just not going to stop any time soon. We had 2 ft of snow the week before Christmas, then another 4 inches or so the following week.

Then in January we had a couple snowfalls, each 3-5 inches and Fri-Sat we're supposed to get another 2ft, then Wed-Thursday another foot.


I put my pretty face on for the camera though.

You would never know how I really feel...

I went out around 10pm and shoveled. The snow is sooooo wet and heavy, and it is seriously blizzard conditions. I had to wear a scarf to cover my face to keep the pelting snow from burning. By 1am it barely looked like I shoveled out there and it's still coming down hard. I was going to shovel some more, but the wind was so strong it blew me right back in the door! There was no way I was going out there again.

Well...maybe for a second to get a picture of my poor fir tree. You can't really tell here but it's a 6ft tree. I had to cover the camera & lens so the wind wouldn't get to it.

This I took from inside, upstairs. From this angel you can tell a little bit that I shoveled.

Not looking forward to tomorrow!!!


Alta said...

Good gracious! So, did the kids have school today? ;)
At this rate, they're not going to get a summer vacation :(
Keep safe, keep warm. It's snowing here, but it ain't bad!
Off to runs some errands now.

kimmy said...

they're not gonna have school all week. :( we ended up getting 30 inches over the weekend and are looking to get 12-20 more tomorrow! ugg

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i can't even believe that snow. we got NOTHING and now it's snowing in texas like nonstop!!!

thats okay tho, i hate cold :)