Tuesday, March 9, 2010

driving, food and school

Chris should have his license soon! He took the driving classes last September but then things just got crazy and we've been procrastinating his driving time w/the instructor. My mind has been on so many other things and I just keep forgetting to call them and schedule. He reminded me yesterday and he's going out today, tomorrow and Thursday...then he'll be ready to do the driving test! YIKES!!!I'm excited for him though. He's been waiting a long time for this. He's had his learners for a year and a half and is already a very good driver. It will be nice to send him on errands too. He's turning 18 in two months and will be ready for a real job. More opportunities for him once he is 18. He worked for Brian @American Cedar two years ago over the summer. It was a great experience for him...hard work and regular 40hrs a week. He's turning into a man....sniff sniff.

Yesterday was SUCH a nice day! It's finally starting to warm up. I hope we are done with all the snow! Brian actually took me out to lunch AND dinner! We've both been so sick this past week and we didn't go on our usual Friday night date for sushi. I wasn't really feeling like going anyway since Simon, our regular sushi maker is gone for a month to China.

So we went to Miss Siagon for lunch. Brian & Jeff (his co-worker) both had pho and I had stir-fry tofu & veggies...yummm.

Then we went to Sakura for dinner and had a nice surprise as Lee was making sushi! (Lee is on the left and Max is on the right being funny w/my bunny ears...hehe)

He's an awesome grill chef and in the past has also made wonderful concoctions in the back for the rest of the employees to have after work is over. We have been lucky enough to enjoy some of those meals with them--some of the best stuff i've ever tasted!

Jack has been stressing about MSA's (Maryland state assessment). They put so much pressure on the kids for these. He's only in 3rd grade! He's an honor roll student and really cares about his grades and stresses if he doesn't do well (a first out of my kids). Today on the way to school he asked if middle school, high school and college were going to be hard. I told him it could be challenging but he's a smart guy and he can handle it. He asked me how I knew that...hehe. poor kid. Brian and I have already decided we would homeschool Jack as soon as he is done with elementary school. We are soooo tired of Old Mill. The teachers/administration/guidance have been so hard to deal with. The schools in AA Co. are just so overcrowded that so many kids fall through the cracks. I'm so glad I have been able to stay home and school them myself. What a blessing to have the resourses at your fingertips today to be able to do so. So many more families are homeschooling these days. I'm not saying it's better or worse, I'm just glad it is there as an opportunity for us.

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