Tuesday, March 2, 2010

funny how things happen :)

As part of a Christmas present to my brother-in-law I gave him a coupon to clean his house once a month for the whole year of 2010. For some reason he thinks I have mad cleaning skills! Of course I do have my own cleaning business, but it's commercial, not residential. When I was going to BYU I earned xtra money cleaning their science building every morning so I knew I could do commercial cleaning pretty well. But residential is a whole-nother ballgame. I never feel like my house is all the way clean since we have four kids that are constantly messing it up. I have cleaned my mother/father-in-laws house to help them out before too, but never have done residential cleaning for money so when recently I started thinking about extending my business to include this I was nervous. I have been looking online to see what I could find on pricing, what all is included in the cleaning, and anything else that may go into that side of the business. I've been mulling it over in my head for about a month and just yesterday I told Brian I was thinking about doing this, but only by word of mouth for friends, etc. Since I'm homeschooling I don't really want it to be a full-time thing, but I think I can handle 2-4 clients a week. So today when I went to my brother-in-laws house to clean he said the receptionist where he works asked him if I was looking for any new clients! She has a sister that lives about 10 mintues from my house that is looking for someone. I told him that is sooo funny I was just thinking about that! So he's going to have her call me. :)


Camilla said...

Holy Cow! What a nice gift. Can you be my sister?

kimmy said...

hahahaha...he's loving it. :) and bragging i guess. that's how his co-workers know!