Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alter Bridge Baltimore concert @ Ram's Head Live 12/16/10

Well, we've been waiting 2 years to see them again! It was well worth the wait, the best AB concert we've seen so far. We saw them 3 times in 2008. Twice in Baltimore and once in upstate New York at a festival with Godsmack. It was awesome seeing them with Godsmack but this last concert was a better one for AB for a few reasons. One, their new music...love it! The new ones in their playlist were Slip to the Void, All Hope is Gone, Ghost of Days Gone By, and Isolation. Wish they would have played more new stuff, especially my favorite, Wonderful Life. The crowd was REALLY into it...another reason this one was better. No moshing, everyone was singing along and cheering the whole time. Even with the new songs most everyone was singing along! Myles really loves it when we sing with him and he said we were the best US crowd so far. :) It definitely makes a difference when the crowd gets into the music. The band feeds off of it and gives us a better performance.

So here are the two videos I took from that night:

And here is the full playlist. All 19 songs played in Baltimore. Most of the videos are from the Baltimore show that night, but a few I couldn't find so put in the song they played (in order) from another show.

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