Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 365/ Day 1: Corinne & Ray

My cousin Heather, who is a professional photographer, specializing in newborn baby portraiture

decided to start this project where she posts one photo to represent that day in her life. She asked me to join her and I thought it was a fabulous idea and I invite everyone to join in with me!
project 365 / day 1

I thought Memorial Day was a fab day to start...but any day is a wonderful day to begin! This morning I asked my daughter if I could try a new "waterfall" braid on her hair. I came upon a hair tutorial on youtube and found some really cute hairstyles. Thankfully she enjoys being my guinea pig and I love it! I wanted to head out back to get some pics of her hairstyle and she grabbed Riemann too. He hates the camera and always looks away when I try to get pictures of him. But evidently he hates kisses even more. Here he is looking at me like HELP while Corinne tries to give him a smooch. hahaha Priceless. ;)

and because it's Memorial Day, I wanted to share this amazing video by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "America The Beautiful" on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Those same steps I stood on when I was in D.C. to take pictures of the cherry blossoms!

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