Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project 365 Day 2: Swim plaid

So first of all...YIPPEE! I was able to redesign my background and columns so that I can put larger size images on here!! That was the biggest reason I wouldn't post on here much. So I'll be sure to use blogger consistenly from now on as well as my Multiply blog.

Well, here is day number 2 and I haven't missed loading a picture yet. I'm on a roll!

Today was first day of Swim Team practice. I am so so so so so excited that not only Jack but Corinne will be swimming this year! Corinne has not swam for swim team in 4 years. Jack has swam the last 4 but really did not want to this year. I periodically asked him and he always answered with an emphatic No!

I should have gotten his "girlfriend" involed months ago. She came over for a playdate last weekend and begged him to join. To my amazement not only did he comply but Corinne said she would join if he would. A very happy mom I am!

Project 365 Day 2

Today we went to buy their suits and while I was there I snapped some shots of all the different colors and styles. I really like the way this one popped out with the colors and lines. Not what the kids are wearing for their team, but their colors are green and black. I'm sure there will be pictures of them in their suits before too long.

I think I'm going to take this opportunity to put a video in each daily blog as well. Something I'm listening to that day. I've been listening to a lot of Amos Lee lately. I was bummed I missed his concert a few weeks ago when he came to Baltimore, sigh. well, maybe next time.


perfect combination with swimming and summer i thought.

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