Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a day on the water


Took the younger boys to my mom's. She's to  keep them for a few weeks. They're all very excited as she was never able to do this with them when my dad was alive. She lots of fun plans to do with them. After dropping them off I headed out for my own fun!'s nice to have good friends. 

BONUS when your good friends have a beach house and pontoon boat! 

We headed out from southern Delaware, just north of Ocean City Maryland. 

 Up Assawoman Bay... 

Through Assawoman Bay canal....sooooo beautiful

 luckily I didn't manage to ground us

 but the captain (my friend's hubby) must've got nervous, so I just kicked back to enjoy the nice breeze and awesome view.

we stopped in Lewes, Delaware for some Irish grub

 where I was enamored with their chairs

after lunch I made the captain snap a shot of me & his lady

we got rained on just a little but but made it home just in time before it poured with lots of thunder...gotta love summer!


Valerie Schmale said...

Hi Kimmy, just seeing if I can leave a comment here. I am really not liking's so cold and unfriendly.

Kimmy Durrant said...

i'm sorry you find it cold and unfriendly here. i think once you get things up and running appropriately on here it's actually better than blogger. i like the reading list (like multiply's inbox) only you can read more of the content before going to their page and can see a photo as well. google plus is pretty cool too. kind of like a guestbook/messenger. lots of things you can do here...i haven't had a chance to explore it thoroughly yet though.

Cinabear Cinnamon said...

What a fun time :) great pics !!