Sunday, August 12, 2012

Edna...til we meet again <3

(April 4, 2012)
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To: “His Mother”
“Mother-in-law” they say, and yet,
Somehow I simply can’t forget
‘Twas you who watched his baby ways,
Who taught him his first hymn of praise,

Who smiled on him with loving pride
When he first toddled by your side;
And as I think of this today,
Methinks I would much rather say, just “Mother.”

“Mother-in-law,” but oh, ‘twas you
Who taught him to be kind and true;
When he was tired, almost asleep,
‘Twas to your arms he used to creep;

And when he’d bruised his tiny knee,
‘Twas you who kissed it tenderly
When he was sad you cheered him, too,
And so I’d rather speak of you as “Mother.”

“Mother-in-law” they say, and yet,
Somehow I never shall forget
How very much I owe
Because you taught him how to grow;

You trained your son to look above;
You made of him the man I love,
And so I think of that today –
Ah! With thankful heart I’ll say,
“Our Mother.”
Author Unknown

saying goodbye to grandma

Veterans Cemetery Crownsville, MD.

edna's boys
Edna's boys...she returned home with her baby girl

bells & flags at the cemetery chapel

families are forever edna
cover on funeral program
LDS Logan Utah temple where Edna & Norman were married


Baz Haynes said...

A wonderful Tribute;)

Cinabear Cinnamon said...

Beautiful tribute. I really enjoyed the poem too