Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365/ Day 15: GOTTA CATCHEM ALL

(June 13, 2011)
transfered from Multiply blog

Pokemon Rumble

Boys and video games...who needs to babysit?

Today I watched a beautiful little 3 yr old girl in the morning while her parents where packing to move to Brazil. A dear family at church who will be sorely missed. They will be back in three years...can't wait to see what their 4 kids will look like then!

In the afternoon I watched 2 boys. The older one loves video games just as much as Spencer and Jack. The little one, age 2 was the one I had to follow around the house. It doesn't take long for my house to become un-babyproof in between babysitting. Glad I'm over that stage. ;)


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