Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365/ Day 16: IT AIN'T OVER TILL IT'S OVER

( June 14, 2011)
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You have to hang in there even when you want to quit!

School is out for the kids in our neighorhood. For us, we take little breaks throughout the year, but more or less go year round. The summer however is at a more leisurely pace as I want the boys to get as much fun in the sun as possible!

Today I saw Ladder Ball on sale and grabbed it! We played it once before at a friends house last 4th of July and Jack had a blast. The boys were super excited to put it together and head out back. Spencer however lasted about 5 minutes (at the most) and wanted to quit, saying he was no good. He does have a hard time doing things athletically and even has a difficult time with his fine motor skills. He is also "smooth pursuit deficit" in his eyes which causes him to not be able to keep track of things visually as they travel across his line of vision. This is all associated with his aspergers. BUT as a mom, I need to keep thinking of things that will help him be active and outside. He did come back to the game later and tried again....and he lasted a while longer. :)

project 365 day 16

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